Two Way Radio Buying Guide

two way 5dIf you are running a business, you can save thousands of dollars in labor costs a year as two-way radios San Antonio can help you in saving up to 9% of labor time. However, it is important to choose the right model for your business needs.

Even though walkie-talkies were being used by businesses decades ago, there were some practical limitations such as battery technology and technological ability. Those were cumbersome to use when it came to daily use. Thanks to the technological advances made in battery technology and radio transmission technology, the two-way radios available these days are super affordable and have a much better battery life. The advantages of two-way radios such as cutting countless man-hours and absolutely free talk time make these one of the most advanced tool to add to the bottom-line of any business.

One of the best ways to get the most out of two-way radios is to choose the right model the first time. Small businesses that do not know better make the mistake of investing in family FRS radios. These radios are cheap but they are not meant for business use. Most of the times, first month goes fine with these radios but suddenly the battery no longer holds charge and the clips start breaking off.

Sometimes, speakers do not function after being dropped a few times and the whole set needs to be replaced in a short period of time. These radios were never meant for regular business use. The manufacturer made these to be used as toys. Also, FCC guidelines prohibit using FRS radios for business function.

High quality two-way radios can make a lot of difference to your business. Needless to say, almost all the companies whether small or large can greatly benefit from using the walkie-talkies available these days. As far as the cost is concerned, these range from around $120-$300 per radio.

Battery technology has improved a lot and overnight charge will get a radio through a full day use. These radios can typically be used for 2 to 3 years on a daily basis. Also, the models available these days are highly durable and some of the models keep working as new even after 10 years.

Here is a list of four factors that you need to consider for choosing the best radio for your needs:


The biggest difference between these two lies in frequency penetration. VHF radios are best for working outdoors when there are heavy trees, rolling hills and open land. VHF waves are not good at penetrating a rugged terrain, buildings and walls even though these travel around two times the distance as compared to UHF waves on rolling hills, open ground or foliage.

So, you should buy a VHF radio if you are going to work outdoors exclusively. However, in all the other conditions, you should choose UHF radios. It is important to keep in mind that VHF and UHF radios do not communicate.

Number of Channels

The number of channels depends on the business use. For instance, if everybody using the radio is going to talk on the same channel without causing any disruption to the others, you may go for a one channel radio. A two general radio makes sense in case you want one part of the staff to be on one channel and another on a different channel.

For instance, in a restaurant, you may ask the wait staff to be on one channel and valets to be on another channel. This will allow individuals in the group to communicate with each other without bothering the staff on another channel. A scanning radio will allow you, the manager, to communicate with both the groups by changing to the individual channel.

Power of Radio

The power of radios is measured in watts. A 1 W radio will suffice in case it is going to be used within a radius of around 1 mile. Similarly, a 2 W radio needs to be used for communication up to 2 miles or between multiple buildings.

Four and five watt radios are also available that may be used for communicating at further distances but radio to radio communication has limitations in terms of distance. If one has to communicate over bigger distances, a repeater needs to be used.


A wide range of business radios is available when it comes to durability. For instance, specific radios are available for use in hotel and restaurant industry whereas other heavy-duty radios are available for military operations. You can easily find a radio that is fit for your needs by reviewing the specifications on the radio unit.

Choosing the right radios will enable you to communicate effectively with other team members. The right two-way radio will provide all the advantages of having a durable communication device without the disadvantages of replacing old radios that stop working within a short period of time.

The Advantages That VoIP Offers Over Traditional Land Line Phones

voip 45You have most likely heard of VoIP technology before, since there is quite a bit of “Skype hype” going around.  For those who don’t know about it already, VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol or it can also stand for Voice Over Internet Provider.  Like anything else that is new, you most likely have lots of questions that you need to have answers to before making the decision to invest in VoIP and maybe even completely switching over to VoIP from your land line phone service.

Do you remember not so long ago when just a few people had cell phones, and those that did would keep them in their cars in the glove compartments and use them very sparingly?  Do you remember how expensive they were back then?  Just look at us now!  We can’t even imagine leaving our houses without them.  We can barely function this days without our cell phones.  Well, this same type of sudden demand and development that took place in cell phones is what is widespread within the VoIP industry at this point in time.  In fact, in just a couple of years, VoIP might even replace our cell phones in addition to conventional land line telephones.  VoIP services offer great savings for your budget, and VoIP services operate with great efficiency that really can’t be matched compared to all other kinds of telephone services.  That is why it is so important that you understand what advantages VoIP has to offer, sooner rather than later, so you can get in on the new technology while it is still so inexpensive.

The Advantages That VoIP Offers Over Conventional Land Line Phones

Users receive numerous benefits from VoIP technology.  If you have a broadband connection, a computer, a router, and a headset or microphone, then you have everything you need to get started with VoIP.  If you have this set up prior to getting VoIP you with save even more money.  You can the use the money you save towards your VoIP service along with any extra features you might want with your preferred service package.

The following are some of the most important advantages that VoIP services offer to people all around the world.

Having a land line telephone really isn’t necessary anymore.  Although it isn’t completely necessary to pull all of our conventional telephone lines and throw them away in the garbage can, pretty soon you will find that they are unnecessary since VoIP eliminates the need for having whatever long distance service you currently have.  These services really are not necessary any longer and they are expensive too.  You will be able to save a lot of money by getting rid of the long distance service that is part of your land line telephone service.  Or you could just completely eliminate your land line telephones, since once you are start to use VoIP you won’t have much use for them anymore.  Just this benefit by itself should be enough to cause you to become a VoIP addict.

Your communications are unlimited.  Usually, you if you choose to get your VoIP services from one of the well known providers, they will give you a flat rate which will provide you with unlimited communications with anyone you want no matter where they happen to be in the world.  For example if you are in Pennsylvania and you have a friend or business partner who lives in Germany, you want have to continue to search for a cheaper way to make phone calls.  A majority of VoIP service providers do not charge anything extra for long distance calls, even international calls.  Even if there is a fee from some VoIP providers, the charge will be so small compared to cellular phones and traditional land line telephones.  When you have a flat rate VoIP service, you don’t have to worry about limiting your calls to loved ones because you are worried about long distance charges.  That concern is eliminated completely by VoIP, so you can talk for as long as you would like to.

You Can Have Conference and Multi-Party Calling- Almost all VoIP providers provide a service that is superior to the traditional 3-way calling service that cellular phones and land lines offer.  Rather than being limited to having just two other individuals in a conversation with you, you can talk to as many people as you want to at the same time.  That is because the internet is being used as the delivery method with the technology.  Instead of being 2-dimensional, it is multidimensional.  VoIP can be used for teleseminars and conference calls very easily.  VoIP is great for businesses, particularly those with overseas transactions.

No Additional Charge For Internet Services- A majority of VoIP providers offer packages that enable you to save money and not have to pay for broadband from an ISP, since the same quality of service can be provided by a VoIP service provider and included in your VoIP plan.  You will save money  when you do this and avoid have an unnecessary extra expense.  Always check with the VoIP service provider to find out if they offer this valuable option.

VoIP is Very Inexpensive: VoIP internet is  lot less expensive than conventional service, even the most expensive VoIP internet providers are still cheaper.  There aren’t a lot of channels or middlemen for providing VoIP service.  This dramatically reduces the costs for the service since nobody along the assembly line has to be paid.  In addition, because your connection is established and maintained using an internet connection, you don’t have to go through a wiring system that is land based, which constantly needs to be maintained, repaired and upgraded.  VoIP uses broadband technology on your computer to operate.  It instantly connects you to whoever you want to talk to.  There isn’t anyone between you and the person you are talking with.  When calling a cellular phone or land line with VoIP, there might be small charges.  It will depend on which VoIP service provider you use.  These tend to be quite fractional costs.  However, you can check with the service provider to see what the exact rates are or if they are even applicable.

There Are Many Free Services That Come With VoIP- With a lot of VoIP providers, there aren’t any charges for using their services.  If you are in Australia and need to talk to someone who has VoIP in England, just get your VoIP service activated and talk as much as you want to.  Computer to computer calls are usually free.  However, to find out what the rates are, check with the VoIP service provider.  When calls are made over the internet, you don’t have any rental fees for land line phones or cellular towers.  That is one of the major reasons why VoIP services cost a lot less than conventional phone services do.

Your VoIP Services Go With You Wherever You Go- It doesn’t matter where you travel to in the world, your VoIP services goes right along with you.  That is because the internet can be accessed all over the world.  Any computer that is in a hotel computer room, library, internet cafe, coffee house, etc. that has a broad connection can be used for VoIP.  That is very advantageous, since if you may need to make phone calls when you are overseas in various countries that you might be in.   If calling a cellular or land line, you can call with just a small price on a per minute basis.  If the other person has VoIP service, the call might be free.  It will be much cheaper than traditional long distance charges, cellular long distance charges and roaming or hotel room rates.  Just think of all of the various places in your country that have wireless, WiFi or broadband hot spots.  Any time there are present, you’ll be able to use your VoIP service.  All you need to do is pull out your microphone and headset and you will be all set to connect.   VoIP phones, which look like cellular phones, are also available.  They can be used for tapping into a provided signal.  These special phones are sometimes provided as part of your VoIP package.  You’ll be able to use a portable VoIP phone anywhere there is a broadband connection.  Everything is automatically configured after a signal has been detected.

Tons Of Free Features Come Included with VoIP- Normally you would be paying extra fees on cellular and land line services for features like voice mail, three-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting.  It is very easy to use these features ad they are set up completely for you and read for you to use once you have purchased a package from a VoIP provider.  A majority of people don’t ever use these features when they have another kind of telephone since there are additional fees that come with it.  Once you have had a chance on VoIP to use the features, many of them will seem practically indispensable to you.  Just like with a conventional phone company, your VoIP service company will determine which services they include in your package.

VoIP is Data Capable- What that means is that VoIP is fully able to make data calls, like faxes.  You can use a broadband connection to send international faxes much less expensively and faster than from a land line phone or cell phone.  Fax capabilities are spotty at best with a cell phone.  VoIP works the same way that is down when downloading files off the internet.

The following are some of the comments that satisfied customers have sent in who have bought VoIP services.  Read what they say about all of the great benefits that VoIP service provides.

“This is so cool.  Thank you so much for letting me know about this.  Now I can chat online with my friends using VoIP instead of sitting in from of my computer all day long typing.” – Sally

With all of the contacts I have in the U.S, I’m able to do everything I need to, but my costs are only 75% of what they used to be.  Whether it is a conference call, phone call or fax.  Just think o all of the money I can save every now just in travel cots alone, thanks to my VoIP plan offering such great teleconferencing features.” – Ian

“I thought the service would be spotty, or sound like you were speaking into a bucket.  However, I was surprised that I didn’t notice in difference in phone call quality I made with VoIP compared to with my land line or mobile phone.  VoIP really is amazing.  I would even say the quality of calls is a bit better than what I get with my land line telephone service.” – Megan

I am sure you can tell from reading the testimonials that all of these satisfied customers are reaping the many benefits that VoIP provides into their personal and business lives.

When it comes to telecommunications, VoIP really is the wave of the future.  Now it the time for you to secure VoIP service, whether it is for personal or business use.  If you fail to do this, it’ll be like living through the dark ages.  It will take longer for you to catch up.  Before committing to a land line service or signing up for another cell contract, look into VoIP and sign up for the cost-effective services that it offers so that you can immediately start reaping the benefits.

By not having VoIP currently, you are giving the phone companies your hard earned money when that money could be put towards something you are dreaming about or towards savings.  Why should you give a phone company more money than is necessary for service that is not at 100%?

Requirements Of Professional And Quality Plumbing Services

plumber-35611__180Unfortunately it is quite common for many individuals to ignore their daily plumbing issues.  In general, we tend to sweep our plumbing problems under the rug as much as possible.  We put off servicing our heating systems or hot water systems thinking, or actually wishing, that nothing will go wrong with them.  There are many times when simple daily issues develop into a full-blown plumbing emergency.  In many of these situations, the only recourse that is available to you is to contact a reputable service provider and seek out emergency plumbing services.  There are numerous plumbing companies  that specialize in providing their customers and clients with high-end plumbing services.

For many tasks it is not necessary to service the whole building, although it is important the plumbing works in every section of it.  That is something that is very valuable.  Many times plumbing services are needed in relation to security devices, decoration, electricity supply and general building construction.  Water pipes can be a major concern.  Sometimes hiring a plumber can be expensive due to the materials and parts being expensive.  It is very hard work.  However, in order to solve our plumbing problems we often don’t have any other option other than to hire a professional plumber.  It is extremely important to choose a professional, experienced and reputable plumbing service.  Plumbing problems can occur at any time of the night or day.  Many times you can’t afford to wait until the next morning before contacting a 24 hour Emergency Plumbing Service.  If you do wait that long there could be extensive damage done.  Professional and highly trained plumbers San Antonio can easily solve the problems, so don’t waste your valuable time waiting to find and contact a reputable professional plumbing service.

Plumbing also includes installing water lines for the water supply and also evacuation for buildings.  The complete pipe system connects to another location that is equal to where the water originates inside the building.  It provides block access for water to send into each unit.  There are also transport pipes that need to be installed that are outside of the building and used for watering slurry.  Then there are water-based storage systems that are using for waste water treatment purposes.  Finally there are water heating pipes and joint lead pipes that need to be configured.

Piping jobs cannot be performed by amateurs.  It requires a certain level of skill and expertise to perform these kinds of tasks.   You always need to have the services that professional practicing plumbers can provide in order to effectively perform any plumbing tasks having to do with the pipes.  The pipes need to be established and work properly if you see that the building has a draft.  You may need to hire a plumbing service in order to repair the pipes in the building as well as the source of the draft.

What will happen to your plumbing and piping if you end up hiring an amateur to do the work and the plumbing and piping jobs are not done correctly?  Leaks can occur due to faulty plumbing, and this is one of the most common problems.  Drainage pipes and side sewers often provide a secondary service for mobile phones if the pipe wasn’t necessary for the first function.  A shower or drop nozzle is fairly easy to fix.

Leaking pipes are often next to walls and can damage your clothing and sheets.  The pipeline route may have been clean in the building a couple of days ago but might needed to be replaced to keep the construction organized.  It could end up being expensive to do this.  There could also be bad circuit shorts, odor, discoloration and fungus if plumbing is not repaired in a timely manner.

Improving Bicycle Lanes in America Promotes Safety and Helps Businesses

For economical as well as convenience and health reasons, more and more Americans have taken to biking as their primary mode of transportation. This is especially true in larger cities where parking and traffic are major issues.

biking-to-work-in-San-FranciscoBut with more bikers mixed in with everyday traffic, safety has become a concern. Most big cities now have special bike lanes in high traffic areas, but many do not. Portland, Oregon has become a model when it comes to bicycle safety lanes. Up to nine per cent of people working downtown bike to work and Portland has become known as a very bike friendly city.

Safety is a primary concern as bikers are vulnerable and virtually unprotected when sharing the road with larger cars, trucks and buses. Improving bicycle lanes in America is the answer to that vulnerability. These bike lanes need to be well defined and wide enough to safely accommodate bikers, leaving them extra room as a margin for

But attention to providing special lanes for bikers is not just for the sake of safety. Researchers have found that businesses that are located along bicycle routes have enjoyed a marked increase in business. In fact, bikers spend 24% more a month than other shoppers. This can be attributed to easy access to shops, no difficulties finding parking, and the generally people oriented attitude of those who bicycle on a regular basis.

Biking also requires frequent stops which places the bike rider in a position to notice more than those in cars. Foot and bike traffic is a major source of revenue for these businesses.

ppw-support2-537x357In New York City, where they have installed protected green lanes for bikes, there has been a drastic drop in crashes, i.e., between 40-50% in many locations. As a result, some thirty-two other cities have instituted these green lanes as of 2012 and that number is expected to grow exponentially each year.

Surveys in cities with green lanes show bicyclers feel much safer using these improved bicycle lanes. What’s more, motorists do not feel confined by them. Certainly they feel much less intimidated by the threat of a collision since these green bike lanes have come into existence.

All in all, improving bicycle lanes in America has improved the roads for everyone involved. Certainly there are no complaints by restaurant and shop owners as they see their profits improve as these bicycle lanes improve.